Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Minute Daddy Day Gift

Well, it wouldn't be last minute if I had actually posted this when it was made, but it has been a crazy few weeks around here.  More on that later.  For now, here is a last minute Father's Day gift in case your young ones decide that they need their very own homemade gift for daddy-o. 

Clean out a pasta sauce jar - or jar of equivalent size - fill with chex mix -ours was homemade, but as the clock is ticking here, you'd do just as well with the premade stuff out of the bag!

Cut out 2 large circles from decorative paper, and 3 smaller circles out of plain white cardstock.  Have your child decorate the smaller circles for Dad.  Glue 2 of the smaller circles to the patterned paper circles.  Lay a piece of ribbon over the lid of the jar and attach the 3rd smaller circle to the lid - on top of the ribbon.  Lay the ribbon down both sides of the jar and attach the other circles to the ribbon and the ribbon to the sides of the jar.

Easy Peasy!  You can even make a coordinating card with the left over patterned paper and wrap the whole thing in a simple brown paper bag. 

Have a wonderful Father's Day celebrating all those awesome Daddies out there!!

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