Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I Just Feel A Drop?

Everyday, the headlines seem to grow more alarming. The news of disaster, devastation and heart-wrenching situations is overwhelming. Should we be surprised? According to the thought-proving book, Storm Warning, by Billy Graham, we shouldn't be.

This book, sent to me by Thomas Nelson publishing to review, compares the events we are reading about and hearing of, in the media every day, and the tragedies and heartbreak we are personally experiencing, to a gathering storm in the skies overhead. He shows us how God has warned us of these events and those to come throughout the Bible, and he specifically focuses on the book of Revelation. The book started out very strong and I was looking forward to reading it. But after I got through the third chapter I began to worry that I would not be able to give it very high marks! I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading this book because I believe the subject matter is so important, timely and necessary to consider. But I need to warn you that for a time, the book seemed to be trying to sell me on the book of Revelation and on the validity of Billy Graham, himself. There was a lot of repetition and I was feeling that the book could have been a lot shorter.

Having said that, by halfway through the book, it picked up and got to the substance of what I was hoping for. Graham goes into detail about the signs of the End Times in the book of Revelation and considers what is happening in our world today. He provides insight into the four horsemen of Revelation Chapter 6, provides the hope that is found in Christ Jesus, and calls us to action as a result of what is to come and what is happening today. This book isn’t a quick read, but I think it is a valuable, if not necessary, one. If you are looking for a compelling summer read, maybe this is it.  You can read more about the book by clicking here.

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