Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Way Summer Should End

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately so I am really behind in sharing our random life here. As it is a very gray day here in south Jersey, and I am procrastinating various household duties that I'm not in the mood to do, why don't we try to get caught up? That's house cleaning in a way, isn't it?

When we got back from our cruise in August, there was a week and 1/2 until school started. Noah and Emily tried to make the best of it. Playing with friends, writing and staring in their own plays, and trying to make a few dollars with a traveling lemonade stand. That's right - traveling. I believe I may have mentioned my overhearing such plans a few posts down. Well, that is exactly what they did!

Living in a rural area, in a development of about 25 homes, living on a street that deadends, does not make for much traffic. So, my two Trumps enlisted their friend to bring the product to the people. Of course, of the 25 homes, about half have someone home during the day.

But they managed to sell out of cookies, and had to return for more lemonade. Bless my neighbors!

And in the end, they had each turned an $11 profit, after paying back their supplier (me). But then, I had to give them the $ back to make it an even $12 a piece. Mommy suppliers can do that. It's common business practice. As long as the children are under the age of 12, I believe. A very tidy way to end the summer.

For me, however, the summer did not end so profitably or tidy.

This is my freezer. No, it is not new - just empty. You see when we returned from the cruise, we were greeted by a very full freezer that had been thawing for 8 days. The outlet tripped when we left for vacation.

The resulting stench that broke my nose was not nearly as painful as my broken heart. All of my blueberries, zucchini breads, roasted tomatoes, sauces, soups, parboiled veggies, etc., etc., etc. from our garden, had to be thrown away. It still makes me sad. And as a result, I told Keith that I was done with the garden for this year. It was to be stripped, torn down, forgotten for a time, while I mourn.

A bit overdramatic? Yes, but then I can be sometimes.

I'll just pray that this is not the winter of necessity. I feel very ill-prepared for any coming storms...

On that note, let's return to the beach. Hopefully, we'll get at least one good Fall weekend on the sandy shores, but here are some of our summer beach memories... (you'll need to turn off the playlist music on the side of my blog, first)


  1. sorry to hear about your freezer trouble---that's awful!!! I would want the garden gone as well--no more memories :(.....well, there's next year, right? Love the pics--look like the lemonade stand was a hit! :)


  2. Beth, I have been so crazy busy this last week that I haven't been checking in to blogs, my email, facebook, etc!!

    First of all, I love the traveling lemonade stand! How clever!!! Tell them to keep up the good work! When my son was in high school (at a small private school), he sold Lifesaver Wintergreen breath mints- 3 for a quarter... and made a killing! Until the administration shut him down :(

    I am so sorry and my heart hurts that you lost your freezer full of your garden goodies. You had beautiful fruits and vegetables from your garden this summer. I know you worked very hard :(

    I love your slide show and the song! Email me and tell me how to do that, Please!!!

    But most of all... I love the way you love your kids and your husband. Your freezer may be empty, but I know your heart is full. And that, my BFF Siesta, is the way summer should end. Well done, my friend :)