Friday, August 14, 2009

One More Week

Back on July 15th on my 100th post, I mentioned that I now had to lose 8 pounds by August 21st. Did anyone catch that? I never did say why...

Did you know that August 21st is in one week? Since last we discussed my weight, I have managed to lose almost 4 pounds, however...

I had purchased THIS at the beginning of the summer -

you know, back when I was losing weight and working out. You see, in one week my family is going on a family cruise. My mom, dad, sisters, my bro-in-laws, my husband, my kids, and well, me (hence "family cruise"). And I bought this new suit for the cruise. Didn't want to wear it all summer because it was my new special cruise suit.

And now I'm feeling that this tankini is a little too revealing. And by that I mean that it reveals my arms and legs.

Now Keith has been joking around with everyone that he is going to wear a Speedo on the cruise because he is never going to see any of those people again anyway, and we are family so we can't hate him for his fashion decisions. And if he DID wear a speedo, and people did stare and point and joke, he wouldn't care. How do guys do that? Have you seen some of the men at the beach who just strut their stuff down the sand, while beautiful woman are rushing to put a cover up on before they get up from their chair? Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I do that.

Here is the topic: I'm going to like the way I look in my suit by next Friday. It will either happen by a change in body tone, or a change in brain tone. But however it happens, it is going to happen. Say a prayer for me.


  1. You will look great!Nance

  2. Whether the change is in body or brain, that shade of green is a great color for you!

    Where's your cruise going?

  3. Your green suit will complement my brown suit...we'll look very earthy together...From now on, I'm going to think about the man we saw at Wawa on Saturday--with his shirt up and his big belly sticking out...