Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeling Blue

Ah, blueberries. One of our family's favorite fruits. I'd tell you that this is a part of the crop from our yard, but I'd be lying. Our four young bushes have bore about 3 berries so far this summer. Thankfully, we live about 5 minutes from a farm that offers "pick-your-own" produce, and the blueberries are ripe for the pickin', as THEY say.
We invited some unsuspecting friends to join us in the hunt for the perfect berries, and they obliged. We neglected to tell them, however, that once we start picking blueberries, we have a very hard time stopping. Hopefully, they'll still be our friends.

Emmy may have eaten more than she picked...her teeth are even purple!

After a hard morning's work of picking, we went back to the farm market and treated ourselves to cider donuts and peach crush slushes. We had to go for the full experience.

They have picnic tables and a Petting Zoo at the market. Oh yes, the kids love the petting zoo. See for yourself:
Yes, the animals are all wooden cut-outs.... Read the sign....and then note what the kids decided to do...
Girls, be carefully not to smudge the camel's beautiful pink lipstick!

And really, what petting zoo is complete without Big Bird?

Thankfully, all of the blueberries were real...and the donuts....and the fun we had!


  1. Love the pictures! YAY! Blueberry picking!! The picture of Noah running from Big Bird is classic!! Missed you the other night--we were at your house for a little while chatting with Keith and checking out Emily's closet. By the way...Painful Rib Syndrome isn't real????

  2. I want to pick blueberries with y'all!!!