Friday, November 6, 2009

Field Trip

No school for 3 days this week due to Teacher's Convention normally means getting out of Dodge City for the week, but this year we opted to just do a day trip. Keith took the day off, and we headed West - to Pennsylvania. Not wanting to veer far from his element, Keith decided we should do a "How's That Made" tour.

First stop... Herrs Food, Inc. - producer of salty snacks I really shouldn't eat, but do.

Of course, going to production sights where sights, sounds and smells are proprietary is not the best situation for someone who wants to blog the experience. So... I don't have many pictures. We really did go inside and take the tour.

Luvin' Emmy's outfit.... ??

We were even given free snacks... new flavors... not our first choices, but not too bad...

Then we made our way back to into Philadelphia, and headed to another How's That Made desination - in which I was not allowed to bring a camera, lest I be assaulted by a Homeland Security Guard or something...So, here it is...

Wait... Here it is....

The Philadelphia Mint. We did go inside and took the self-guided tour, but I left my camera in the car since I knew I wouldn't be allowed to take pics. I didn't want to have to fight a security guard for my camera, so I played it safe... It was very interesting, although they weren't making any money. I won't even make any political jokes about that.

After all the touring, it was time to get down to business. Let's EAT! Keith has been wanting to go to a place called Chickie & Pete's for... forever, so we thought this would be a good time as it is in Philly, and we were in Philly. Like it was meant to be or something.

It's a sports bar, right next to the huge sports complex that houses the Phillies (baseball)Stadium, Eagles (Football) Stadium and Flyer's (Hockey) Stadium. The "kids" had fun wandering around trying to figure out which pictures of sports figures they recognized. Me, I was starving and sat at the table eating the menu. Forgive me, but there are no food pictures as I was too busy eating. And, um.. it was very good.

Of course, we wouldn't be Turner's if we ended our eating there. After a full meal, we walked next door for dessert.

Termini's Bakery. A Philadelphia Icon.

What to have, what to have...

One of everything, please?

Easy choice for Keith and I. Cannolis - filled with creamy goodness - while you wait! And, I can even take pictures. My kinda place!


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  1. Don't make me go to the ice cream factory for a day trip!!

    Oh yeah, please pass the dill pickle chips!